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The Council and Canon Law

The Council acts under the auspices of the Archbishop of Hobart.  In accordance with his desire for Catholic Schools in Tasmania to give witness to its most important role as an agency of the Catholic Church in Tasmania the Archbishop has endorsed the establishment of the Council:

          (i)           to promote the mission of catholic schools; and
          (ii)          to foster a true spirit of community.

As prescribed under Canon Law 321-329 the Council is seen as a “Private Association of the Christian Faithful”.


Canon Law #796-1

"Among the means to foster education, the Christian faithful are to hold schools in esteem; schools are the principal assistance to parents in fulfilling the function of education."

Cannon Law #796-2

"Parents must cooperate closely with the teachers of the schools to which they entrust their children to be educated; moreover, teachers in fulfilling their duty are to collaborate very closely with parents, who are to be heard willingly and for whom associations or meetings are to be established and highly esteemed."

Cannon Law #797

"Parents must possess a true freedom in choosing schools therefore, the Christian faithful must be concerned that civil society recognizes this freedom for parents and even supports it with subsidies; distributive justice is to be observed.”