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to Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents Council


Welcome to the Home Page of the Tasmanian Catholic School Parents Council, which was formally established by the Archbishop of Hobart on 24th November 2012.  Each State and Territory has, through the Bishops Commission for Catholic Education, an organisation such as the TCSPC established.  Each organisation, including TCSPC, is a member of a National body (Catholic School Parents Australia).

The TCSPC is a collaborative and representative organisation dedicated to assisting Catholic School parents (and children), ensuring they have voice at both a local and national level.  We also aim to help with Parent Engagement within Catholic Education as a whole, and to help and empower parents take an active role in the education of their children. 

Two factors that are important in helping achieve this goal are: 

  • Sharing responsibility for learning and living gospel values; 

  • Actively encouraging our school communities to reach out with love, respect and tolerance through balancing the needs and expectations of all.

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