Successful Learning Video Series

New parent hacks for successful learning videos


The parent hacks for successful learning video series contains practical tips and ideas for parents to help your child learn and get the most out of school.


They've been produced by the Australian Parents Council and are aimed at parents with children transitioning from preschool and in early schooling years, as well as those with older children. They are designed to explain the positive difference parents can have on their child's educational development and are full of simple, effective strategies to use at home.


The series includes:

1 - Introducing literacy -


2 - Helping your child develop literacy skills -


3 - Tips for reading with your child -


4 - How to help when your child gets stuck on a word -


5 - How to help your child learn -


6 - How to help older kids learn -


7 - Setting up a study space -


8 - Tips for managing home learning -


9 - Remember you know your kids best -