School Leavers Information Kit

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The School Leavers Information Kit has been developed to help you understand the education, training and career opportunities and pathways available to you in 2021.

Transitioning from school can sometimes be challenging and COVID-19 has presented some additional challenges. The aim of this kit is to help support you in making decisions about your next steps after leaving school and to equip you with resources to be better informed about your education, training and work options.

Literacy Hub - Year 1 Students

Information for families and students learning to read.


Catholic Care Emergency Relief Program

Emergency Relief is financial or material aid to assist during financial hardship or an unexpected crisis in your life.

Confidential and non-judgemental financial or material support to support individuals and families experiencing hardship.

Anyone who is in financial crisis and unable to pay for necessities such as food or essential bills.

Currently, this service is running as usual.

For further information please call 1800 819 447.

New Chief Executive Officer Appointed to the TCSPC

Don Ryan takes on the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents Council. 


Read the article in the Catholic Standard Volume 7 Issue 5.



Don hopes to increase parent activity on the TCSPC and is actively seeking representatives from every Catholic School and College in Tasmania.