Enterprise Bargaining Dispute June 2014

The TCSPC commends the manner the IEU and the TCEO have managed their industrial processes in the past. However, given recent statements indicating imminent strike action within Catholic schools and Colleges and the apparent lack of intention to continue with a negotiated dispute process, the TCSPC considers itself bound to address this statement to both parties.

1). Parents and care givers would not choose the Catholic Education system if it did not have the outmost respect for its purpose, the people who administer it or for the teachers and support staff who deliver the education within the system.

2). Parents and care givers seek the best standard of educator, be that teacher or support staff, for our children in the Catholic Education system.

3). Parents and care givers seek that all staff within the Catholic Education system be given the opportunity to provide the best education available to our children.

4). As parents and care givers, dealing with the daily needs of our children we understand in the times that we are living in Tasmania there is a need to “cut our cloth to suit” and that may mean sacrifices on all parties involved including parents.

5). That the parents and care givers in Catholic Tasmanian schools and Colleges wish that the proposed disruption to children’s education be avoided.

6). That as parents and care givers of children who benefit from the efforts of all involved in their education we  implore the parties to exhaust every opportunity within  alternative dispute resolution processes before taking up a non-negotiable position or forcing on the other party a non-negotiable position.

The TCSPC trusts that both parties will endeavour to seek out the best solution for our children and stands ready to assist however possible in the continued dialogue which it recommends to the IEU and TCEO.