beyondblue launches its first app - The Check-in

beyondblue has teamed up with Melbourne app developers, Two Bulls to create The Check-in  mobile app for young people to check-in on friends and to start conversations.

One in four young Australians has a mental health condition, but only a quarter will talk to a health professional. We know that young people are more likely to confide in their friends when they’re having a hard time.

The Check-in app guides young people to create a step-by-step plan to open up a conversation with a friend who they think is struggling. One young person who was involved in the testing of the app said: 

This app is so incredibly unique and really takes the ‘fear’ aspect out of having a conversation with a friend about how they are going. It's not an easy conversation to have, and this app provides the building blocks for how you would approach this conversation and reinforces the importance of talking about concerns. It's an interactive and productive app that will give a confidence boost to the people using it in talking about mental illness. I'd recommend it to everyone I know.” – blueVoices member, age 18

Nothing replaces professional support, but for young people, checking-in on a friend they are concerned about is a really important first step – and this is where the check-in app will make the difference.

This app wouldn’t have been possible without the Vodafone Foundation’s App Aid Challenge and all our supporters who voted for us and raised over $16,000 to help us win the challenge.

Please download the free app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and share this with your friends and family. For more information check out

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