Saturday 25th August 2012, marks the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Australian Parents Council. 50 years since the Goulburn incident In 1962, where the focus of the fight for state aid to Catholic and Independent schools. An education strike was called in response to a demand for installation of three extra toilets at a local Catholic primary school, St Brigid's. The local Catholic archdiocese closed down all local Catholic primary schools and sent the children to the government schools. The Catholic authorities declared that they had no money to install the extra toilets. Nearly 1,000 children turned up to be enrolled locally and the state schools were unable to accommodate them. The strike lasted only a week but generated national debate. In 1963 the prime minister, Robert Menzies, made state aid for science blocks part of his party's platform.

To make this special occasion APC Annual Conference was held over the 24-26 August 2012 in Sydney, NSW. An opening cocktail function was held to mark this event with the Hon Peter Garrett Minister for Education and Senator Brett Mason in attendance. The Minister Hon Peter Garrett and the Opposition Leader Hon Tony Abbott have issued the statements congratulating APC on this milestone.

 Hon Peter Garrett

 Hon Tony Abbott

 Senator Jacinta Collins address the APC Conference on Saturday and congratulated APC on its milestone and extensive work in parental engagement. Senator Collins release can be read by clicking the following link.